End-of-life recycling – Armstrong

This brochure and web text focused on end-of-life recycling and sustainability initiatives at Armstrong, a global leader in the design and manufacture of floors and ceilings. The content was written for the UK market.

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Easy and effective recycling programmes

Everyone talks about recycling these days, but Armstrong is putting good intentions into action. We are developing end-of-life recycling programmes that make it easy to recycle our products. For example, in the UK and France, we will pick up and transport old ceiling tiles for recycling – free of charge. 100% of these recycled tiles are used to produce new ceilings. We are investigating similar offers for other parts of continental Europe.

End-of-life recycling

We make end-of-life recycling easy!  In the UK, any company with a refurbishment or strip-out project of 2000 m² or more can simply call and request Armstrong to pick up the used ceiling tiles for free, whenever it’s environmentally and economically viable to do so. The tiles are recycled, keeping a constant green cycle of renewable new tile material.

Off-cut recycling

Off-cut ceiling tiles are an important recycling opportunity that Armstrong is currently addressing. Landfills are reaching the point of maximum saturation, so it’s vital to avoid extra waste.  We will visit a customer’s site, free of charge, to collect and transport waste during the installation process so it can be effectively recycled to create new products.

Recycling Success Story: Safety and Sustainability at Birmingham hospital

The renovation of the ceiling at University Hospital Birmingham in the UK was a major project, covering 120,000 m² of ceiling space and £582 million in cost.  The partners for this environmentally conscious mega-project included Armstrong World Industries, Balfour Beatty Building Design Partnership and Titan Ceilings. We implemented an Off Cut Recycling System to create an innovative, ultra-sustainable recycling solution directly on-site. When installing a new ceiling, all the off-cuts were gathered and recycled into new tiles, then reused on the same project – a truly integrated ‘green machine’!