Corporate Values guide – Danone

Working with Danone’s agency, I helped to develop the creative concept and content for a 36-page human resources guide for new Danone employees. This guide took a humanistic, how-to approach to describe the company values. Employees were given examples of how to live the “Danone Ways” during a typical work day.  You can read a sample page from the guide here.

– Sample text –

Our mission is to provide health through nutrition to the greatest number of people. You have a fundamental place in the operation of our business – your work makes a direct contribution on Danone’s development. Achieving our mission requires the active support and personal commitment of every Danoner.

We grow as a company by working together and sharing the same key business values, whatever country, business division or CBU where we are working. The Danone Way Fundamentals and corporate values are the basis for our business conduct and Danone’s unique way of doing business. This book will help you to understand the important principles that guide us at Danone – our common DNA.

Thank you for joining the team! I’m confident in our shared commitment to making our mission a successful daily reality.

Franck Riboud
Chairman and CEO of Groupe DANONE


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