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intel_serverI collaborated with the interactive agency Havas to relaunch the Intel Business Reseller site and write content localized for the European market. I prioritized the key points for each section of text, rewrote the product information and determined when to create links to resource materials.

Section: Servers

Intel® servers and accessories deliver reliable and easily integrated solutions for enterprise and e-Business applications. This resource center offers the latest product and service-related information for the Intel® family of Server Boards, Server Chassis and Platform, and Server RAIDs.

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The following example is from a series of weekly promotional emails about the Intel® NetStructure™ product family for e-business transactions. The target audience is IT managers and Finance directors. The previous click-through rate was about 15%, my emails attained a click-through average of 38%.

Managing the cost of success

Sales and Marketing is ecstatic about your site’s steadily increasing visitor traffic and transaction activity. You’re worried about the performance demands on your existing infrastructure and the cost of future build-out.  Find out how the Intel® NetStructure™ product family delivers intelligent solutions to reliably maximize your network performance today, with affordable and scalable options for the future.