Do you need to outsource writing and editing projects? I provide content creation services on-time and to your messaging requirements.

My 15+ years of corporate communication experience has been acquired at leading global companies (Intel, Novartis, Sephora, EADS, Danone, SABIC, Songwon, Areva…). I work on one-off projects and some clients also outsource work on an ongoing basis. For example: quarterly newsletters, blog articles, postings and articles for LinkedIn, web site content, case studies, financial reports, human resource materials, etc.

super-hero-red-cape-mdSuper Editor to the rescue! Sometimes it’s good to have an objective opinion about an important document that you’ve revised numerous times. Let’s look at the text together on Google docs and I can provide real-time editing help and advice on how to improve the messaging.

I work internationally and collaborate with major corporations (as well as dynamic startups), from North American to EMEA. I’m used to working in different time zones and am very responsible with providing prompt updates and meeting deadlines.

If you ‘never use freelancers’ at your company…we may have already worked together. As a subcontractor, I also provide external copywriting support to advertising or public relations agencies (Digitas, Ogilvy One, Publicis…) for ad copy, product names or taglines, creative concepts, social media campaigns, localization/translation, and web site projects.

I write in International English, a clear and dynamic writing style that’s well suited for global companies and ambitious startups whose messaging needs to fluently cross international borders.

Do you have large project? I can assemble a ‘dream team’ to help: trusted professionals, all multilingual, and skilled in design, social media and technical writing.

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