Clear and compelling copywriting 

Give me talking points and I’ll create high quality content for print or digital media – from brochures and magazines to web site content and tweets. I’m ready to put 15 years of corporate communications and agency experience work for you.

Communication mentoring and coaching

I’m a mentor for Stanford University’s online learning program in technology entrepreneurship. I provide one-on-one coaching to help start-ups refine their business model and develop a communication launch strategy.  I’m currently an advisor for a fintech startup, helping them to  gain recognition with analysts, the media and target customers.  Why not talk your ideas through with an architect of communication?

Assistance with time-critical and complex projects

Outsource with confidence – I’ve handled the writing and validation process for 40+ page magazines, corporate publications translated to multiple languages, and content for major web sites, intranets and micro-sites (Intel, Sephora, Lexmark, SABIC…). For large writing projects, such as annual reports, I partner with Zorica for her project management expertise.

Social media savvy

Are you experiencing ‘update burnout’ on social media? A well thought-out news flow and good community engagement skills can make a defining difference. Let me manage the updates on your corporate or consumer social media accounts – you’ll benefit from greater visibility, better engagement with your target audience and be in charge of your online reputation.


Check who’s following you on Twitter, you might be surprised

Has your Twitter account become infested by followers with weird names and profile photos?  If you look at companies with 1000s of followers, you are sure to find a surprising percentage of followers that are promoting questionable services or posting spam.

Take control of your online reputation and engage with real people who match your business objectives. Please contact me to learn how I can set up an easy to maintain social media update strategy for you.

Editing for clarity and impact

You know what you want to say…but need some editing help. Many of my clients use English as a second language and need professional documents checked for style and structure, as well as editing, grammar checks and proofreading. I teach professional business writing workshops for executives at companies as well as academic institutions such as ESSEC Business School in Paris.  

Translation and localization in 60+ languages

You can depend on our certified translators to offer premium quality translation and localization. Fabien provides translation and localization services in all European and Asian languages. Our multilingual communication services include subtitling and voice-overs. After translation, we can flow the text into InDesign files and assist with other graphic layout services.