I love startups!

I have a special interest in startups…a long-time fascination that began early in life with a family-owned business and later when I was a consultant in Silicon Valley. I worked with startups that later became landmark technology companies. 


Have a look at this fast-moving enterprise, INFINITY SPACE, the developer of WeCashUp. INFINITY SPACE is a social innovation fintech startup based in Marseille (France).

Their solution, WeCashUp, is a cutting-edge Payment Platform driven by Financial Artificial Intelligence technology. It leverages the security potential of blockchain to create a global interoperability loop that facilitates and accelerates global money flow between emerging payment systems and the traditional banking system.

  • INFINITY SPACE was ranked as Top Best Startup Project in the world during the Google I/O Pitch Night.
  • FORBES featured WeCashUp in the 30 Top Best African Entrepreneurs under 30.
  • The Economic Forum for Francophony featured WeCashUp as one of the 4 projects that will revolutionize Africa’s business ecosystem.

I helped IQP Corporation to define its leadership role in the Internet of Things, up to their successful merger & acquisition by GE Digital. IQP Corporation was an early innovator in IoT and the key offering was a code-free application development environment for creating and deploying cross-platform IoT and Business applications. IQP was adopted by solution providers such as IBM and Fujitsu and used by companies as a rapid prototyping tool. The solution received industry recognition for its ability to reduce app development time by up to 80%.


GE Digital acquired IQP Corporation and their solution was integrated into Predix Studio, GE Predix’s high productivity application development tool purpose-built for the Industrial IoT.

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As a mentor for Stanford University’s online program for entrepreneurs, I’ve donated consulting time to help young entrepreneurs develop their business plans.

For example, I helped StudAnthill, a woman-owned IT services company with their pre-launch strategy. StudAnthill enables university-level IT students in Morocco to work, and be paid, to find solutions for a variety of IT projects, from programming to web site design. This service answers the need for meaningful and paid work experience for young people while they are completing their studies. They gain contact with companies that could one day make an employment offer.screen-shot-2019-10-15-at-2.09.27-pm.pngI participate as a moderator for Axis Innovation startup events in Europe, which brings  dynamic startups together with international investors. My recent projects have been to work with a consumer focus group for Ford Motors to evaluate mobile applications for the connected car of the future.

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 I’d like to be a collaborator in your startup’s success. Let’s get started!