My talent is helping businesses, from startups to global corporations, to communicate about their products or services. I love words and language (that’s the ‘word wizard’ in my title) and use my writing skills to explain something so it is easy to understand (even if it’s quite technical) and in a way that’s informative and interesting to read.

I began my career as the editor of a business journal and then managed an international news bureau in Silicon Valley. The year 2000 was a milestone year for me…I moved to Europe and began working as a content strategist and copywriter for leading companies in EMEA. My 15+ years of corporate storytelling experience has been acquired at leading global companies (Intel, Novartis, Sephora, Danone, SABIC, Songwon, Areva…).

I work on one-off projects, but clients also outsource work on an ongoing basis. I write or edit quarterly newsletters, blog articles, postings and articles for LinkedIn, web site content, case studies, financial reports, human resource materials, etc. I’ve been a community manager for 7+ years on Linkedin, xing.com and have posted discussion topics on corporate Slack groups.

I like working with growth stage startups because of the ‘surprise element’. One day I may be doing market research on a new product sector. The next day, I might be working on a pitch, comments flying back and forth on a Google doc, with a virtual team of people. I helped an Internet of Things startup to develop their communication strategy from launch to their successful M&A to GE Digital. Helping other women to succeed is important to me and I’ve donated my time to mentor several women-owned startups.

As an intuitive listener, I engage people to share their opinions and ideas. I organized and conducted consumer focus groups for Ford’s MakeItDriveable Challenge (consumer feedback on innovative connected car apps). I’ve been a moderator for panels at startup events such as Digitale France and Futur en Seine.

I’ve worked remotely as an independent contractor before the ‘new normal’ so I understand how to manage my time and meet deadlines. France is home for me and I’m comfortable navigating international time zones for meetings, projects and deadlines.

International life agrees with me! I’ve visited 26 countries. This experience has enriched my life with good working relationships and friendships with people from many cultures.

When I’m not working, I’m active in my community. I volunteer as an organizer at the photo festival in my city and also published two books of prose and photos. At the end of the day, you’ll find me relaxing in the kitchen, cooking and listening to music.

Let’s build something together.