imageHello and welcome! Here are the things that I do really well and love to help people with:

• 15+ years of public relations and corporate communications experience in Silicon Valley and Europe.
• Excellent copywriting and editing skills. I’ve helped companies such as Danone, Unilever, Sephora, adidas and Pierre & Vacances to build a strong, authentic relationship between customers and their products or services.
• Business operation and remote support services for mature-growth startups in Silicon Valley, Europe, Africa and Asia.

I’ve worked remotely long before the ‘new normal’ and know how to manage my time. I’m very comfortable navigating international time zones for meetings, projects and deadlines.

I was born in the US but have lived and worked internationally for 20 years. Based in France, I’m a registered business owner, and I work globally. My dual citizenship with Ireland enables me to freely move and work throughout European Union. I have French nationality by descent.

I’ve acquired my corporate communication (internal and external) experience at leading companies (IBM, Bekaert, SABIC, Songwon, Areva, CeBIT, Novartis…) and worked with clients and project teams in 12 countries.

I’ve owned or managed several businesses and this experience enables me to understand the challenges that companies face with internal processes, growth and acquisition, and more.

Key takeaways:
• Problem solver who knows how to work without being micromanaged every step of the way
• Content strategy, copywriting, editing
• Corporate communications
• Business operations experience with startups
• Experienced and reliable remote worker

Thank you for your interest,  let’s talk!

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