Responsible Business

I come from a family of entrepreneurs and I was inspired by their success in operating ethical and forward-thinking businesses. I take a humanistic approach to operating my own business today and give people the same service and respect that I’d like to receive myself. Ecology is important to me and my environmental footprint is low – I follow energy reduction best practices, recycle all office materials, and use public transportation almost exclusively. 

Helping other entrepreneurs to succeed

KIMAs a company, Architect of Communication helps to fund no-interest micro-credit loans to ambitious entrepreneurs in emerging economies. I make the loans through Kiva Microfunds

As a small business owner and a woman, I like to see other women succeed too. My current loan is to a women-owned farming collective in Cambodia. This micro-loan is enabling the women to purchase mineral fertilizers to improve their rice crops. Som nang la’ao!

Work globally, engaged locally

3carreprojetvisuelI work with companies located around the world, but I’m very centered in daily life in France.  I support “Le Français en Partage“, a non-profit association that helps new citizens in France to learn the language, understand French culture and feel integrated in their community.

One activity is a linguistic rally or ‘treasure hunt’. Small groups use a map to discover places in their neighborhood where they will chat with French people and learn new things.  For example, at the boulangerie, they ask the owner a question in French and then receive a clue to find the next destination on the map. Participants and volunteers learn from each other, together we create the groundwork for a solid future. The group is sponsored by the City of Paris, the City Hall of Belleville and the Commission Solidarités.  Photo credits: Le Français en Partage. Curious about this neighborhood?  You can visit Belleville on Soundwalk.

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