The magic that happens when we’re ‘real’

I like the cheerful uplifting words and music in Pharrell Williams’ hit song “Happy” and his video is fun to watch. The song quickly went to the top of the music charts and became one of the best-selling singles of all times.

What I find most interesting is that thousands of people have felt motivated to create selfie videos, showing themselves dancing and singing along to the music. On youtube, there are countless videos of people in countries around the world feeling “like a room without a roof!”

What made this song such a success? It represents effective viral marketing, for sure.  But I think there’s an equally important success factor – the song resonates with people because it feels real and speaks from the heart.

When “Happy” first launched, the song was initially slow to get airplay. Then the music video released on youtube and the rest was history…the song developed a life and momentum of its own.

In a short interview on the Oprah show, Williams acknowledged the impact his song has on peoples’ lives and briefly breaks into tears.

Oprah commented: “I get now why it’s (the video) is so infectious. Because it came from such a clear space, that the energy was uninterrupted by anything, other than allowing it to flow from heart to heart. And that’s what happens when you see it.”

I think this same magic can happen when we believe in a dream, turn it into a plan, and then work to make it happen. Be real and see what happens!


Full version of “Happy”:

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