You speak English…but writing is a challenge

The majority of my clients are mid to large-size businesses with subsidiaries or sales offices around the world.  Many employees at these companies speak English fluently as a second language, but they often tell me that writing in English is still a challenge.

That’s why I developed an intensive workshop for professionals who want to improve their business writing skills in English.  I explain the basics of communication theory and then we do hands-on learning with everyday writing activities, such as emails.  I ask participants to bring examples of specific writing problems that we can work on together.

The workshop is two days and can be customized for your specific needs:

  • How to write clear and professional digital communication (emails, tweets, Linkedin updates and group postings, text for internet or intranet sites…)
  • Small groups (4-6 persons), friendly and personalized help
  • Individual lessons are also available
  • The workshop can be held at your company or conducted online
  • If you are in a French company, le droit individuel à la formation (DIF) is accepted.

Please contact me for pricing and a workshop overview (PDF).  Here are some points from the learning module on crafting the perfect email. To stop the slideshow, scroll over the bottom of a slide to activate the pause button.

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