Will Pinterest be ruined by e-commerce?


Well, it seemed inevitable and now it’s happening…Pinterest is rolling out a new service that sends the user an email alert when an item they pinned has dropped in price.  The email notifications will be automatically generated and (presumably) you won’t get one unless you have pinned a specific item from a manufacturer.  It’s convenient if you fantasize about saving money on everything from toasters to holidays in Spain and you need an instant alert.  I felt the momentum building for increased marketing spin when Pinterest introduced “Rich Pins”, which contain meta tags from the origin image site, and enabled users to post more detailed info about an item.

It wasn’t that long ago that Pinterest was a warm and fuzzy paradise for visual thinkers and image lovers.  I have friends who regularly emailed me wonderful ‘eye candy’ and I urged them to get on Pinterest and share their passion with the planet.  I hope Pinterest can continue to be a place for people who want to share the images that touch their heart or inspire their creativity.

Pinterest Etiquette:

We think authenticity – pinning things that express who you really are and what you really like – is more important than getting lots of followers.