I’m Patricia Philbin, owner of Architect of Communication. I work as a freelance communication consultant and my expertise is content strategy and copywriting. Based in Paris, my consultancy is a registered French company and my valued customers are major corporations throughout Europe and the Middle East

I’ve been fortunate to work with some amazing companies, from technology start-ups in Silicon Valley to global corporations in the pharmaceutical, industrial, food and luxury goods sectors. The following links explain how I work and describe my services. Operating a socially responsible business is important to me, here are some thoughts on what motivates me.  

I specialize in copywriting in International English, a smart but simple style that is widely used in cross-cultural business communication. I also offer translation, project management and copywriting support in different world regions. If your project needs to cross borders, I collaborate with a talented multilingual team.

I enjoy my work and combine top quality results with friendly, personalized service. If you’re interested in some fresh ideas for print, web or social media,  let’s talk.  Click on any of the portfolio images below to start the slideshow.

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